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It’s Greg from High Pressure Water Technology

The maintenance of Colorbond steel and Zincalume steel panels by regular washing will extend the life and visual appeal while also protecting your asset.
The area’s that are protected from rain like walls and the eaves or the underside of roofs do not see regular washing and are prone to destructive corrosion. These areas should be washed using soft washing and a detergent to remove salt spray, industrial fall out and contamination.
Maintenance should be carried out on a six monthly basis or more frequently if contamination is high and is key to extending the life of Colorbond and Zincalume products. Once corrosion has set in the only solution is replacement which will be a very costly exercise.
The images below show corrosion on sheet that is only 2 years old and had heavy contamination from passing freeway traffic.

At High Pressure Water Technology we specialize in Asset protection.
Kind Regards,Greg